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My friend’s horrible luck :(

Yesterday one of my best friends celebrated her Birthday. We had a good time talking, taking pictures and that but when we the party ended she left the restaurant for two minutes to drop off one of the girls. When she came back all the presents were gone D: . Man I’m feeling bad for her…



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Don’t stress it on, laugh it off :]

Sometimes you mess up really bad,  it’s part of life. Eventhough you might not get sleep for a few nights cause you just can’t stop stressing what you did or said but if something like that happens make sure to laugh it off. It’s better to not take it too seriously no matter how embarrassing it was than too be constantly asking yourself “why the heck did I do that” or “why the heck did I say that”.

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Last day in this city :C

Today’s the last day I’m staying here with my grandparents. I did a lot of stuff today with my cousins… We went to this huge shop and that and later bowling. The first game I won, but I didn’t do so well the second time (came in 3rd place). But quite frankly I thought I was gonna break the floor with the bowling ball or atleast injure someone which im glad to say, didn’t happen. After bowling I went to my cousins house where my uncle showed us some very cool magic tricks. abracadabra!  I will admit they shocked me for some time until he finally revealed the secret to each trick. And yeah at night I went out to eat hot dogs and yeahhh that’s what I did today.

My flights tomorrow so I better go to sleep early. Wish me luck!


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Beach house :D

Today basically what I did was go to a beach house with friends and family. I had an incredible time there.  I spent most of the time with friends my age and we did what we kids are meant to do, be kids. We ran around, made fun of each other and did kid stuff. It was good to live and not worry about school or anyone. Then we pushed this guy into the pool, which was our sweet revenge for everything he had done to us all day. Felt really good too hahaha. Evil much?

I also saw a sunset something I’ve been meaning to do for some time now but just keep forgetting.


It was just one, very happy day. And this song is perfect for the moment. It somehow inspires me, and makes me wanna get out and do everything I have not done yet. One ah-mazing song… Go check the song out.

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A visit to the zoo…

I’ve written this post five times already. I’m gonna have to say this is the ONLY post I’ve actually felt HATE towards.

Well anyways yesterday I went to the ZOO with my cousins and aunts. My little cousins were going nuts seeing all those animals. My favorite animals were the Peacocks and the White Tiger. I have an obsession with peacock feathers, they are just simply beautiful ❤ .


After dropping my cousins off at their house my aunt took my older cousin and I for ice-cream which BTW was so good in the hot climate.

And later that night my older cousin and I watched a scary movie on a laptop… a nightmare on elm street. We and by we I mostly mean ME, got so freaked out cause the laptops screen went black at the beginning of the movie. And come on, that is pretty scary when you’re watching a scary movie and you’ve turned off all the lights. Well it was apparently cause the laptop was low on battery even though it had been charged all day, but whatever.

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