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Happy Valentines day! <3

I’m gonna be spending my valentines day at track practice with two friends. What are all of your plans? I’d love to hear, are you gonna spend it with that special person or with friends and family?

Let me know (: by commenting.


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Beach Trip :)

This Friday I went to the beach with a friend and her family. The trip to get there was only 45 minutes and we listened the whole way there.  We arrived in the afternoon so we couldn’t get in the water, instead we walked on the beach and watched the sunset. Then at night we stayed up all night talking.

The next day after eating breakfast and getting ready we went down to the beach. My friend’s mom had invited 35 guests over for a BBQ. We spent the day jumping from place to place, taking pics and playing ping pong. We were also hiding from this person that we didn’t really wanna talk to. I had a lot of fun that day. It was just how I pictured my summer to turn out.

Then the next day we went down to the beach and actually got in the water. The sand was rocky and hurt really bad as we walked on it and the water was a bit cold but it was fun to get in. We had laugh attacks in the water cause for some reason we found it funny how it knocked us down. Also when we went swimming and we put our foot down on something to find out it was pokey that long scream we’d do was priceless. Everyone around looked at us as if we were two crazy girls but I was super duper fun.

Then we came back, again sharing earphones (;

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My life & more blogs

Lastley I’ve been up to a lot. Homework, music, friends and family. I’ve been so much closer to my friends; probably closer than I’ve ever been in my life. I guess at this age it’s normal and you make specical bonds ❤

I think I listen to music now like 24/7 (Maybe I’m exagerating a bit). But anywho today’s Friday. Friday means FUN. Fun= happy Nikki. ;D


Oh and if you want to read some awesome blogs I would recommend these (they aren’t wordpress).

My lovestruck friend Jaimy:

My awesome chinese friend:

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Nikki’s Current Music Playlist

1) we the kings- Say you like me

People can probablly realte to this song. I love their voice and the rhythm and just basically everything about the song.

2) 30 seonds to mars- hurricane

The sentence that really got to me was “Would you kill to save a life”. It had me thinking deep.. it’s kinda sad but the song is awesome in my opinion.

3) Boys like girls- Love Drunk

This is one of does songs that makes you just wanna dance like you’re crazy in your room. I love it ❤ It’s addicting..

4) Taylor Swfit- Sweet tea and God’s Grace

The perfect summer song. Love the lyrics and it’s just so sweet ❤

5) David Guetta & Usher – Without you

This has become a very popular song. I can see why.

6) John mayer- Half of my heart

two words. LOVE-IT!


Let me know if you liked any of the songs I mentioned on this post.

Whats your favorite song? Comment 🙂 ❤ take care everyone!!!



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That glowing star

“My love is like a star yeah,

you can’t always see me,

but you know that i’m always there”

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A summer day :)

This morning I woke up, got my ipod and just searched for new tunes to listen to online. Then I got my swim suit and got all ready to go to the pool to find out my mom had taken all the water out to clean the pool D: …

So apperently my plan to go swimming was ruined so I’m about to go for a bike ride with my dogs ;D.

Since I’m not doing track at the stadium or at school Im gonnna bring along my track shoes so I can practice my starts at the park around my house. Yeah I’m gonna get serious on track now. I’m gonna try and stay everyday of the week that I can, and try to improve my times.

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I’m that girl that’s always dreaming

So once upon a time… there was this girl.

This girl would day dream while dazing out the window about this place that was enchanted where everything she had hoped of would come true.

She would dream at night about this perfect world…

Where peace and love would always reach their way up and hate would not.

People might have made fun of her for being so optimistic, but she was happy this way…

Then one day she finally realized one of the most important things… She had to get off that floating cloud and start making that made up world real.

But you know what she did? She managed to change all does stormy skies to beautiful clear blue skies.


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