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My school and life goals :)

Hey ya’ll!  I havn’t been posting on here as I normally do. So what’s happened with me? Well a lot! School has started and that’s been my main focus. I’m gonna start going to track practice next week but at school (not going to national stadium as I’ve been during all summer). My school goals are to do my homework the first day I get them; which I have been doing so far, I hope I continue this. Another thing is I wanna get into different extracurricular activities this year. I’m OBVIOUSLY gonna continue with track but I might be able to get in the trekking club and band (which is obligatory for me this year as I choose music in my optional courses). I’m gonna give everything I do my VERY BEST. That’s gonna be one of my motto’s this year. The other motto i’m gonna try and live by is “I’d rather regret the things I have done that the things I haven’t”. This one I believe is the hardest one, but it will help me obtain inner peace and happiness. Omg that last sentence sounded so weird…. haha people I’m not weird, ok maybe I am all that weird. Okay so apart from my school goals i’m really happy with the classes I’ve chosen this year. At least I have a friend in each class which is a very good thing!

Oh another thing i’d to wish a very good friend of mine’s birthday! Happy birthday you know who you are!  She’s celebrating it on Friday after school with all of our friends. I can’t wait!

please comment ;D on my post. What after school activities did you do when you were in school or are you doing? I’d also be glad to hear experiences you’ve had from school. Thanks for reading. Bye bye!



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First day of school

Tomorrow’s gonna be my first day of school. I hope everything goes well (: and that I get to have classes with my friends.

Wish me luck! 

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“Open your mouth, wider, NO WIDER”- my dentist

I didn’t really do anything today. I got ready to go to the dentist and then left (duh!). I was surprised I spent only five minutes with my mouth wide open, it was a pretty quick dentist appointment. Then when we were leaving my mom just had to recongnise some lady she knew and she spent a very long time talking to the lady.

Then we went to the supermarket which was suppose to be a quick thing that turned out to be an hour process.

When we finally arrived home I made a video on youtube. I was really bored I had nothing better to do. It’s me trying to be asian, sadly by the end of the video I didn’t look very asian D:<


This made me laugh! ;D

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I’m that girl that’s always dreaming

So once upon a time… there was this girl.

This girl would day dream while dazing out the window about this place that was enchanted where everything she had hoped of would come true.

She would dream at night about this perfect world…

Where peace and love would always reach their way up and hate would not.

People might have made fun of her for being so optimistic, but she was happy this way…

Then one day she finally realized one of the most important things… She had to get off that floating cloud and start making that made up world real.

But you know what she did? She managed to change all does stormy skies to beautiful clear blue skies.


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This world is mad

I just want a little peace and quiet. Is that too much to ask for?

Since I’ve arrived at my grandparents house all I hear is people yelling from one side of the house to the other, the phone ringing, someone arriving at the door. MY GOD, when will this end!! I’ve gone to nearly everything they’ve asked me to go to. I don’t like living in this crazy world, it’s pointless having so much to do.  “Wake up at this time”. “Hand me the phone” “Get me this, get me that”


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