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“Sometimes, you need a little wishful thinking to keep on living”


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Yesterday <3 <3

Yesterday was the best day of this year!!!! It was so much fun. I went to a friend’s house to see his new dog with a friend. And his dog was so cute. I can’t believe they thought the dog was male until they got home. Oh and that the poor puppy still has no name (unless you consider No Name a name). Until we broke the ice it was kinda awkward but after we opened up and had a great time, laughing and talking. Then teh friend I had brought left with me to go to my house. We made a video on how to wistle.

Then my mom tells us this other guy from our school was coming, so we started choosing a movie for us all to watch. We had to elimante a few of our options cause we didn’t think a boy would want to watch a chick flick. After a long time on finally deciding on a movie, we turned it on. The movie was called “Mirrors” and it was really freaky. Well it could have been ten times scarrier if we hadn’t been cracking up during most of the movie.

And now im packing to go to the beach with a friend. Hmm I don’t know what to take… I better get going… bye!

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Don’t stress it on, laugh it off :]

Sometimes you mess up really bad,  it’s part of life. Eventhough you might not get sleep for a few nights cause you just can’t stop stressing what you did or said but if something like that happens make sure to laugh it off. It’s better to not take it too seriously no matter how embarrassing it was than too be constantly asking yourself “why the heck did I do that” or “why the heck did I say that”.

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Last day in this city :C

Today’s the last day I’m staying here with my grandparents. I did a lot of stuff today with my cousins… We went to this huge shop and that and later bowling. The first game I won, but I didn’t do so well the second time (came in 3rd place). But quite frankly I thought I was gonna break the floor with the bowling ball or atleast injure someone which im glad to say, didn’t happen. After bowling I went to my cousins house where my uncle showed us some very cool magic tricks. abracadabra!  I will admit they shocked me for some time until he finally revealed the secret to each trick. And yeah at night I went out to eat hot dogs and yeahhh that’s what I did today.

My flights tomorrow so I better go to sleep early. Wish me luck!


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500 days of summer

I watched that movie yesterday (500 days of summer). I was expecting it to be a movie about summer, well boy was I surprised… Summer was a girl, NOT a season. Still apart from that little shock it was a good movie. Not the typical love story, it actually didn’t have anything to do with a happy ending. It’s basically about a girl who doesn’t believe in love and a boy who does. That boy falls in-love  with the girl and for over a year they have this “thing” going on in which they’re like friends with benefits. At the end they start drifting apart and the girl gets married. Later does the boy realize that this was not meant to happen and well you guys will have to see the ending to know what happens next. It’s quite shocking!!!

They also played some of my favorite songs in the song.

1) Sweet disposition (The temper trap)

2) She’s got you high (Mumm-ra)

3) You make my dreams ( Hall & Oates)

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This world is mad

I just want a little peace and quiet. Is that too much to ask for?

Since I’ve arrived at my grandparents house all I hear is people yelling from one side of the house to the other, the phone ringing, someone arriving at the door. MY GOD, when will this end!! I’ve gone to nearly everything they’ve asked me to go to. I don’t like living in this crazy world, it’s pointless having so much to do.  “Wake up at this time”. “Hand me the phone” “Get me this, get me that”


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Beach house :D

Today basically what I did was go to a beach house with friends and family. I had an incredible time there.  I spent most of the time with friends my age and we did what we kids are meant to do, be kids. We ran around, made fun of each other and did kid stuff. It was good to live and not worry about school or anyone. Then we pushed this guy into the pool, which was our sweet revenge for everything he had done to us all day. Felt really good too hahaha. Evil much?

I also saw a sunset something I’ve been meaning to do for some time now but just keep forgetting.


It was just one, very happy day. And this song is perfect for the moment. It somehow inspires me, and makes me wanna get out and do everything I have not done yet. One ah-mazing song… Go check the song out.

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