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My friend’s horrible luck :(

Yesterday one of my best friends celebrated her Birthday. We had a good time talking, taking pictures and that but when we the party ended she left the restaurant for two minutes to drop off one of the girls. When she came back all the presents were gone D: . Man I’m feeling bad for her…



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Week’s ALMOST over :)

Since I’ve started school time has been flying. I stayed for band practice on Monday and eventhough I was expecting it to be a horrible experience it was fun. What made it fun were the people that stayed. My freind kept giving me this really funny stare while I played the clarinette and I couldn’t stop laughing. Everytime I tried to play, i’d look at thim doing this hilarious face and crack up. Everyone else must of thougt I was wacky laughing all by myself (I sat at the front row while he and another friend both sat at the back).  Apart from that I have a lot of new teachers teaching me which I find to be better, casue I was bored of seeing the same teachers over and over again. Ok what else…. Oh yes one of my BFF’s B-day is coming up. It’s this Friday and I’m really excited ;D

Since we have to wear uniform at school 😦 I’ll probablly bring clothes to change into. I’m thinking shorts, a cute shirt and flats. Also since we aren’t allowed to wear nailpolish to school. I’m gonna try and cpaint my nails blue (I’ve gotten so excited with my new OPI nail polishes idk why).

Oh man, I almost forgot I have to finish reading a book for school. I’m having my first spanish test on Friday. I have to read 2 more chapters so I should proababbly get to do that.

thanks for reading :’D byeeee!!! ❤

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Forever Young ;D

Woke up really late today… Then as soon as I got out of bed and looked at the clock in my bedroom I snapped out of my sneepiness. I had forgotten I was meeting some friends to see Sherlock Holmes. So I logged online while eating breakfast, then washed my hair and waited for my mom to take me to the movies.

Ok in my opinion the movie was HORRIBLE! I thought it was way too complicated and for my taste just plain old boring. Usually when watching a movie I’m not hoping or even thinking about the movie ending… which I couldn’t wait to happen for this movie.

After the movie ended we went to starbucks and then we went to eat sushi.. It’s a very werid combination but oh well who cares.

Hmm I don’t wanna get old. I wanna be forever young… ❤ and I’m looking forward to the rest of this summer, I really am.


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