Music is all around sometimes you have to do one simple thing: listen ;)

“But still she stays She’s standing in the heart of darkness Saying I know you got a soul even though you’re heartless How could any woman in their right mind be so blind, To find something this safe Instead of walking with me she should have walked away She finds color in the darkest places She finds beauty in the saddest of faces For such a groovy and headstrong city girl Could’ve had the world but she’s fallen in love in the worst way And if you don’t go now then you’ll stay Cause I’ll never let you leave, never let you breathe Cause if you’re looking for heaven, baby it sure as hell ain’t me So walk away ”

Ohhhh emmmm geeee…. I found this song today and I loved it from the very first time I heard it. I realized something, I cannot live without… MUSIC!  Life without music would be horrible, you wouldn’t be able to listen to other people who sing about the way you’re feeling, or explain your own feelings as well. It would also bring your spirit down. I don’t know about you guys, but i’m sure for most a song can change your mood. If you’re feeling sad or down you can either listen to a song that’s sad and feel worse OR listen to a happy and upbeat song that makes you want to forget whatever has brought you down and continue living your life.

Latley music has been putting me to sleep. I have this “ritual” I do every night before going to bed. It starts with me getting the bed ready, then spraying my pillow with this “dream spray” (it smells really good), then getting this bear I still sleep with and most recently I’ve added this last step: getting my Ipod and putting my earphones on. I’ll listen to a few songs maybe sing outloud and when I’m about to fall asleep i’ll take them off and go to sleep. I find it better than staying awake looking at the four walls around you.

Tumblr_lzu4pz93gs1qa6nebo1_500_large Tumblr_lytuwtqjiw1r7oewuo1_400_large

Ok, im going out to hte movies with a friend so like my post or comment to let me know anything ;D

thanks y’all. tuttles ❤


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100 things that make me happy ♥

I’ve been making lots of lists lately to pass time. From things I want to do before the year ends to things I’m looking forward do accomplishing.  So since I haven’t posted anything in a long time I’ve decided to share with you people 100 things that make me happy. So here it goes!!

1) Slurping down milkshakes.

2) When a stranger smiles at you.

3) Watching sunsets.

4) When you’re riding a horse and the wind blows your hair.

5) Meeting someone and just knowing that person will always be in your life.

6) Goofing around with your friends and not caring what anyone else thinks.

7) Long walks.

8) Going on my roof and just thinking.

9) Inside jokes that make you laugh every time you hear them.

10) Saturday mornings.

11) Singing when you’re alone at the top of your lungs.

12) Christmas morning.

13) Opening birthday presents.

14) Those wishes on shooting stars.

15) The smell of vanilla 🙂

16)  When you have no homework.

17) The last day of school.

18) Sushi

19)  Getting letters in the mail

20) British accents

21) When friends share secrets with me.

22) Sunny days

23) Getting a warm towel after a shower

24) Cherry blossoms (they’re just so pretty)

24) The smell of coffee even though I hate how it tastes.

25) Those really good dreams you get where you don’t wanna wake up.

26) Riding my bike downhill.

27) Roadtrips

28) Fuzzy socks

29) Finding songs that you love the first time you hear them.

30) When my popcorn is done ;P (especially if it has a lot of butter)

31) Mentally planning great things out

32) The sound of the pouring rain.

33) Giving a horse carrots.

34) Wearing my earphones to listen to music.

35) Playing truth or dare.

36) Playing sweet or sour when in a  car (it’s a game where you wave at other people and if they wave back they are sweet but if they ignore you that person is sour. It’s pretty fun especially with friends).

37) The take off and landing of an airplane.

38) Talking to someone you’ve been thinking of all day.

39) Watching fireworks.

40) The annual school festival.

41) Icecream

42) Going to starbucks

43) Going to the beach

44) Going into the ocean

45) When you can’t stop laughing

46) Long weekends (;

47) A good nights sleep.

48) Watching the stars.

49) Drawing happy faces on your fingers hahaha

50) Making lists!

51) Making a bracelet I can actually use when I go out.

52) Doodling when bored

53) Jumping on trampolines

54) Jumping into a warm pool.

55) People’s reactions when you pull pranks on them.

56) cheese pizza… yummy

57) Sparkly stuff

58) GREEN, GREEN, GREEN. (my favorite color)

59) Listening to birds

60) Skipping instead of walking

61) Creating your own music, even if it isn’t that good.

62) Helping someone

63) Feeling loved

64) Looking at old pictures with friends and family.

65) When I receive a compliment.

66) Making up stupid words that make sense to my friends and I.

67) Sipping from a juice box.

68) When I do my nails and they come out perfectly ❤ ( btw this rarely happens)

69) Making someone who’s had a bad day laugh.

70) An unexpected hug from a small kid.

71) When a baby grabs your pinky and won’t let go. It’s so darn cute!

72) Having someone brush my hair. IDK why I just love how it feels.

73)  Watching puppies play.

74) When my dog rolls on it’s back and those cute things :’)

75) Sleeping outside in a tent.

76) Spontaneous people that don’t take stuff so seriously.

77) People who can stand a joke.

78) The moment when the person you’ve been waiting for finally arrives.

79) Sleepovers

80) When you finally know a songs lyrics by heart.

81) Staying up late watching movies with my parents.

82) Making up code names for people. (saves you from situations and it’s  pretty funny).

83)  Being more than 3/4 done with this list.

84) The movie War Horse.

85) Snow days in which you don’t have to go to school.

86) Silly looking people hahaha

87) Driving golf carts or a four wheeler.

88) When someone makes your day.

89) Finding out your best friend is in your class the first day of school.

90) Polka dots ;D

91) Scented markers

92) My Ipod. I love it with my life. I don’t know what I would without it.

93) Pandas, horses, and dogs.

94) The song call me maybe

95) Making random videos with my best friends.

96) Moments when you are fearless.

97) That feeling when you finish everything you have to do.

98) Having free time for anything you want.

99) Pretty flowers.

100) Being with everyone I love (:

OK finally done with my list, but I’d LOVE TO HEAR THINGS THAT MAKE ALL OF YOU HAPPY!! So let me know by leaving comments 😀

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Scrapbooking ;D

I’ve been dying to make a scrapbook for as long as I can recall. This christmas a family friend finally gave me a scrapbook kit. I was dying torip the kit apart when I first got it but I honestly had to resist the urge to not seem so childish. Well I finally got to open it up yesterday. I thought it was so pretty it was even in my favorite colors.The first thing I could think of was to choose the pictures I wanted to paste into the scrapbook. I went on my computer and found pics of when I was smaller and then I went onto facebook to get more recent pictures. Then I had to get the background pages for each page. I had a lot of fun choosing and experimenting with the different colored pages and all. The next thing I did was tape the pictures in and decorate them with stickers and other things. And wallaa I was able to finish half of my book. I still want to take more pictures with my freinds and I’ll leave a few pages for the future.

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Happy Valentines day! <3

I’m gonna be spending my valentines day at track practice with two friends. What are all of your plans? I’d love to hear, are you gonna spend it with that special person or with friends and family?

Let me know (: by commenting.

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Get ready, set, run!


Just came back from atlethics practice. It’s turning out to be really fun and I’ve made new goals I wanna accomplish bythe end pf the year. I wanna run the 100 meters in 12:50, and I wanna improve my long jump distance. This class was interesting, my coach started teaching me to do the pole vault. I love that incredible feeling those few seconds you’re in the air, feels like you’re flying but then of course BAM the feeling ends when you hit the mattress. This year in atlethics im gonna try and focus on these three things (sprints, long jump, and pole vaulting) and hopefully improve.

Today’s practice was a good two hours and I was thankful that there was a nice breeze today cause it was VERY hot. I’m back sweaty, sticky and red but for some strange reason it gives me a good feeling as if saying I did my best.

Now im off to go to the supermarket and buy my cake ingredients. So I can make a yummy vanilla cake…. and decorate it (my favorite part).

See ya’ll later ;D

Oh and if you didn’t know what pole vaulting is this is what it looks like. It looks reallly easy, but trust me it’s pretty tricky till you get the hang of it.

And this is long jump. The point is to jump as far as you can without passing the line before you jump.


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Beach Trip :)

This Friday I went to the beach with a friend and her family. The trip to get there was only 45 minutes and we listened the whole way there.  We arrived in the afternoon so we couldn’t get in the water, instead we walked on the beach and watched the sunset. Then at night we stayed up all night talking.

The next day after eating breakfast and getting ready we went down to the beach. My friend’s mom had invited 35 guests over for a BBQ. We spent the day jumping from place to place, taking pics and playing ping pong. We were also hiding from this person that we didn’t really wanna talk to. I had a lot of fun that day. It was just how I pictured my summer to turn out.

Then the next day we went down to the beach and actually got in the water. The sand was rocky and hurt really bad as we walked on it and the water was a bit cold but it was fun to get in. We had laugh attacks in the water cause for some reason we found it funny how it knocked us down. Also when we went swimming and we put our foot down on something to find out it was pokey that long scream we’d do was priceless. Everyone around looked at us as if we were two crazy girls but I was super duper fun.

Then we came back, again sharing earphones (;

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Yesterday <3 <3

Yesterday was the best day of this year!!!! It was so much fun. I went to a friend’s house to see his new dog with a friend. And his dog was so cute. I can’t believe they thought the dog was male until they got home. Oh and that the poor puppy still has no name (unless you consider No Name a name). Until we broke the ice it was kinda awkward but after we opened up and had a great time, laughing and talking. Then teh friend I had brought left with me to go to my house. We made a video on how to wistle.

Then my mom tells us this other guy from our school was coming, so we started choosing a movie for us all to watch. We had to elimante a few of our options cause we didn’t think a boy would want to watch a chick flick. After a long time on finally deciding on a movie, we turned it on. The movie was called “Mirrors” and it was really freaky. Well it could have been ten times scarrier if we hadn’t been cracking up during most of the movie.

And now im packing to go to the beach with a friend. Hmm I don’t know what to take… I better get going… bye!

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