Get ready, set, run!


Just came back from atlethics practice. It’s turning out to be really fun and I’ve made new goals I wanna accomplish bythe end pf the year. I wanna run the 100 meters in 12:50, and I wanna improve my long jump distance. This class was interesting, my coach started teaching me to do the pole vault. I love that incredible feeling those few seconds you’re in the air, feels like you’re flying but then of course BAM the feeling ends when you hit the mattress. This year in atlethics im gonna try and focus on these three things (sprints, long jump, and pole vaulting) and hopefully improve.

Today’s practice was a good two hours and I was thankful that there was a nice breeze today cause it was VERY hot. I’m back sweaty, sticky and red but for some strange reason it gives me a good feeling as if saying I did my best.

Now im off to go to the supermarket and buy my cake ingredients. So I can make a yummy vanilla cake…. and decorate it (my favorite part).

See ya’ll later ;D

Oh and if you didn’t know what pole vaulting is this is what it looks like. It looks reallly easy, but trust me it’s pretty tricky till you get the hang of it.

And this is long jump. The point is to jump as far as you can without passing the line before you jump.



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