Yesterday <3 <3

Yesterday was the best day of this year!!!! It was so much fun. I went to a friend’s house to see his new dog with a friend. And his dog was so cute. I can’t believe they thought the dog was male until they got home. Oh and that the poor puppy still has no name (unless you consider No Name a name). Until we broke the ice it was kinda awkward but after we opened up and had a great time, laughing and talking. Then teh friend I had brought left with me to go to my house. We made a video on how to wistle.

Then my mom tells us this other guy from our school was coming, so we started choosing a movie for us all to watch. We had to elimante a few of our options cause we didn’t think a boy would want to watch a chick flick. After a long time on finally deciding on a movie, we turned it on. The movie was called “Mirrors” and it was really freaky. Well it could have been ten times scarrier if we hadn’t been cracking up during most of the movie.

And now im packing to go to the beach with a friend. Hmm I don’t know what to take… I better get going… bye!


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