Forever Young ;D

Woke up really late today… Then as soon as I got out of bed and looked at the clock in my bedroom I snapped out of my sneepiness. I had forgotten I was meeting some friends to see Sherlock Holmes. So I logged online while eating breakfast, then washed my hair and waited for my mom to take me to the movies.

Ok in my opinion the movie was HORRIBLE! I thought it was way too complicated and for my taste just plain old boring. Usually when watching a movie I’m not hoping or even thinking about the movie ending… which I couldn’t wait to happen for this movie.

After the movie ended we went to starbucks and then we went to eat sushi.. It’s a very werid combination but oh well who cares.

Hmm I don’t wanna get old. I wanna be forever young… ❤ and I’m looking forward to the rest of this summer, I really am.



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