A visit to the zoo…

I’ve written this post five times already. I’m gonna have to say this is the ONLY post I’ve actually felt HATE towards.

Well anyways yesterday I went to the ZOO with my cousins and aunts. My little cousins were going nuts seeing all those animals. My favorite animals were the Peacocks and the White Tiger. I have an obsession with peacock feathers, they are just simply beautiful ❤ .


After dropping my cousins off at their house my aunt took my older cousin and I for ice-cream which BTW was so good in the hot climate.

And later that night my older cousin and I watched a scary movie on a laptop… a nightmare on elm street. We and by we I mostly mean ME, got so freaked out cause the laptops screen went black at the beginning of the movie. And come on, that is pretty scary when you’re watching a scary movie and you’ve turned off all the lights. Well it was apparently cause the laptop was low on battery even though it had been charged all day, but whatever.


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