Beach sand, perfect tans and spending time with does who really matter

I just came back from the beach. First day there I got a sun burn and a tan. My back still burns as if it were in a fire at least it looks better than before. We also went in the water. The waves were pretty rough, there were even red flags which I had not realized until after I got out of the ocean.  Five minutes after leaving the water, a family friend died in the same spot we had been swimming in. It’s amazing how in the blink of an eye I person  can be gone, forever. It must have been horribly tragic for his family casue they were right there with him when he died. Well after waiting for news about him we found out his actual cause of death was because he drowned.

That night we went out to a fancy restaurant with my cousin’s boyfreinds. It must have been awkward for the boys to sit and eat with my cousin’s parents but atleast it went better than I had expected. The food wasn’t the best but the service and presentation of the food was very good. I ordered salmon and it came in a ball. It was really pretty to look at but eventually I had to break the ball of fish and eat it.

Back at the apartment, while laying in the air matress I found it really hard to fall asleep. I just kept thinking of things and my back just hurt so bad from the sun burn but eventually I did fall asleep and have a really weird dream, which I can’t remember anymore.

Next day went down to the pool, got a tan, while listening to my favorite tunes. I got even redder but I think I look better that way haha. Then took a really long walk on the beach and I bought a coconut to drink the water inside. I don’t know how people love that water, I thought it tasted kinda weird, but drinkable. After eating a homemade lunch we returned to the city which was a two hour drive back.

It was nice escaping this busy city for some time with no phones or computers. I also had a great time with my cousins exchanging stories and that.



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