My near death experience!! :C


Yestrday was a really busy day with my cousins. We we’re in the pool all morning and then we got ready. They did my nails a hot pink and then my hair. Ok so after that I went with them to the mall to do some errands and when we cam back we went to eat icecream. I ordered one of my favorite flavors, oreo!!! We later came back ot their house where we met up with one of my cousin’s boyfriend and his sister. We all went to see mission impossible which was a cool movie but it was just to long. Just when I thought the movie was gonna end something else came along. Well anyways, when the movie ended we split up into two groups; the guy, his sister and his girlfriend (my cousin) and the other one was my other two cousins and me. We had parked in different places so we went in different directions. When we finally saw where the car was parked we noticed that there were only two cars in the parking lot; ours and this black truck with tinted windows. I noticed there was one guy in it. The car had been there for a while and it was freaky how when we left the parking spot he followed from behind. Then we got really creeped out when he started following us out of the parking and into some of the major streets here. That was when the girl who was driving called her sister so that they could drive behind us. Finally the guy left. I could have sworn I was gonna die, right there, at that moment. It was just like one of does scary movies…!!! AAAAAAAAAAhhhhh!!!

This is what happens when you see a movie that ends at midnight and there’s three really good looking girls 😉 hahahahah just kidding!!!! LOL.



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