Today’s the last day of 2011!!!

OMG 2011 has been a year of fun, awkwardness, and learning from mistakes for me. It’s beein incredible thanks to my friends (you all know who you are) and of course my family. I’d also have to say I thank my dogs because I felt like I could tell them anything, so they listened to me practice from school orals to what’s bothering me… ❤

I hope you all have an amazing New Year. I’m gonna be at another family party. This is probablly one of days I look forward most of the year. I get to wear outfits I’ve thought out a lot. This year I’m gonna be wearing this black mini skirt and a silky redut I wore it yesterda shirt with a pair of black high heels. I was originally gonna wear a dress but I decided to wear it yesterday instead.

Another thing I’m gonna do for luck is wear yellow undies… They say if you wear red underwear today it’ll bring you love and if you wear yellow ones it’ll bring you money. But I dont have any red ones hahahaha. Also I’m gonna have a piece of paper with three things writen on it that I want to happen this year. And I’ll throw it in the air at 1 am. I’ve also made my New Year’s Resolution (It has four things on it)

1) Live my life for me and no other.

2) Tell someone how I really feel about them.

3) Get a job.

4) Drive at night.



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