Benefit cosmetics

This christmas a lot of family members have given me Benefit Cosmetic gifts. In my opinion they are really nice, they come in cute little packages and the actual bottle is so pretty. Apart from appearence the products work very well. I got  Benefit lipglosses, lip tint and a blush (They’re pictures will be down below).

 This product is actually really interesting, it not only serves you as a blush but also as a lipstick. I got this poppy-pink color just like the image and it lasts for hours. It gives your skin and lips this healthy shine and it’s fun to use.

 My grandma gave me these lipglosses. They came in five different colors perfect for any kind of lips. What I liked about these glosses was that apart from painting your lips and leaving them with this special shine they moisturize them, which I really love as I have VERY dry lips. So these help and I just really liked the colors, my favorite being the last one in the picture (the one that’s open).

 This is the face powder which my cousins got as a gift but I got to see it. It gives you this natural sun burnt look which is my favorite. It looks really  cute especially in the summer in which I am in.

I would totally recommend Benefit cosmetics, Ive been really pleased with them. And Ithink all you girls out there should consider buying a product and testing it to see if you like them or not.





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