My day…

Here at my grandparents house it’s crazy!!! There’s people running up and down the stairs, people laughing, and people talking very loud. My mom’s side of the family is always very busy and sometimes you just have to do everything their way or you might have to deal with all them telling you why you are wrong, and well in this family you just never win. So for lunch we went to my aunts house and ate very deliciouse food. I also met one of my cousin’s boyfriend. After that I went to the mall with my two cousins which are twins and my aunt to so they could do some late christmas shopping.  We later got picked up and on the way back I got to listen to the almost finished album my cousin is making. She has an amazing voice and I really liked the composed and sung. I then logged on to facebook where I had the silliest conversations I have had my whole entire life. No joke lol.

I also got my nails painted…. French manicure…. They look so pretty it’s a shame knowing me I’m gonna ruin them soon.

You know, I keep replaying this conversation I had with someone but I just can’t help it. It was so cute and I was like “OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG” the whole entire time, and this was all at 2 am… I was so sleepy but I stayed up just for this person. This was yesterday but I’m still so so so so so happy.



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