Paintball + friends = <3

So this morning I was really nervous cause I was gonna get an award at school in front of the whole school. And well I don’t do well in crowds. Luckily it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be: I didn’t die on stage or trip and fall on my butt (thank god!). I’m kinda sad though that I won’t be seeing lots of faces forever or till next year.

But then we went to a paint ball place to celebrate one of my best friends, Pam’s, B-day. It was really fun but that was mostly due to the fact I was with my friends. I got shot several times. I remember getting shot in the hand, leg and butt and my gosh it hurt soooo much. Now my toushie and leg have a purple scar which I hope will leave in a few days.

I just logged on Facebook and thanks to my stupid laptop I started a conversation with the wrong person(it’s like my laptop hates me. I tell her to do something and she does the opposite). So instead of talking to the friend I wanted to talk to I started talking to the person I was trying to avoid. Oh boy… 😐

Oh I forgot to tell you guys: TOMORROW I’M GOING TO VISIT MY GRANDPARENTS!! I’m kinda excited… And my flight leaves tomorrow so I’ll probably have less posts for the next few weeks.


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