Reflecting on my whole life

I’ve been thinking a lot about what’s happened this year in my life and well a lot of very important stuff has changed; the way I think, the way I act, even the way I look. I’m becoming a young lady. This is something that since very young I would wish happened but now that it’s reality it isn’t what I would think it’d be. It’s a bit tougher and you start realizing life only gets harder for you. Fights aren’t anymore about who can use the purple crayon first they’re more serious and sometimes friendships can be ruined on these arguments. School… school work gets harder and you start getting distracted on a lot of stuff such as FACEBOOK or your FRIENDS. So how can I make it easier? I need to start prioritizing everything, from school work to friends.

I remember when I was little in birthday parties we would play tag, hide and go seek and all of does games and now what do we do? We dance some kids even drink (I don’t and won’t). It’s only been a few years and yet how much I see how my friends and I have changed it’s amazing. These are does crucial years for every human where we start realizing what we’re good at and how we start forming our personalities and it’s hard when you see people going down the wrong road.

Well this year I love the fact I know who I can trust and how are my true friends. And by friends I mean people that won’t go spreading your secrets or talk bad about you behind your back. I also found out a lot about myself like what I enjoy doing. I love track and field, horseback riding, playing the piano, making collages, and writing poems on my feelings (these poems are the ones no one will ever see).

So am I happy how everything is going? Yes I am very happy. This year has been a lot of fun. I’ve done things I never thought I would do. I’ve made a list of goals and managed to accomplish most of them. But you know I probably wouldn’t be happy without my friends and my family even though we occasionally fight. But that’s normal, that’s life. Nothing is perfect. It can be close to perfect but it will never be perfect. And I’m glad it’s like that cause then life would just be boring.





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    ‘Happy Birthday Arg’… anyone trending this needs to look in the mirror… and then decide to grow up (i’m doing that right now…)

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