Just like the movies…. O_o

It it freak how much my school reminds me off all does typical high school movies. There’s all the dramas from the break-up no one suspected to the spread of rumors about something which end up making everyone hate that person.

As I said in a post a few days ago there’s this GIRL(yes we are now sure it’s a girl) who has been bothering my group of friend’s on Facebook. Yet this person is such a chicken that she won’t admit it at school. We’re pretty sure who this person is now based on some evidence we have all gathered. Like when a friend asked her if she was herself and she said “No I’m not me”. OMG how stupid was that! She just admitted not being herself. Actually it’s so stupid it’s funny. But now things are getting worse. She’s hacking each of us, one by one on Facebook. Facebook the place were she can quickly collect all of our secrets. I can’t get over how much this situation reminds me of a Pretty Little Liars episode.

I’m praying she does not hack me. Lately in our conversations I have been really nice and acting like a friend. But today I just kinda of exploded on her. I put this wall post showing all my emotions. Maybe I shouldn’t have maybe I should, who knows. All I know is that when they start hacking my friends, these people the ones I stay up til midnight talking to, it gets me mad. And if she’s gonna continue being like this then we can play the same same she is.

This quote so fits in the problem we’re facing right now: “Keep your enemies close, but your enemies closer”.




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