I really don’t like you

I can’t believe I used to think this guy was a very nice guy. But today all my thoughts on him have completely changed… He’s a selfish, crazy lunatic,  arrogant guy who thinks he’s so much better than me. I wish I could have just told him in class that he’s a total mess and maybe that’s the reason he has no friends. But that would have been too mean and all I could think of doing was calming him down cause he was about to cry. Then in physics class we did this experiment and the people in my group were: The living encyclopedia and Crazy dude (that’s what I’m gonna call the boys I did me project with). Well we had this task to do which involved play-duh (we used it as our pendulum) and it looked like a tampon cause it was red and it hanged on a string (never in my life would I think I’d find it gross too look at play-duh). Then our project pretty much got thrown in the air and landed on my head (OUCCHHH!!).

The last two periods were Spanish, I was so tired. Yesterday I had gone to bed at 2am finishing a biology essay. So in class I was like falling asleep and the teacher saw me so she started picking on me, making me summarize what she had just said to make sure I was listening. At that moment I felt my face go red. And yeah after looking at the clock in the classroom for most of the class the bell finally rung and I AM FREE. It’s Friday people!!


And tomorrow I’m celebrating my birthday 🙂 So excited!!

Ohh I forgot I was gonna get off the computer to go and make cupcakes… I better get started on them.



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