Chaos, hurt feelings and creepiness :o

My group of friends including myself have been getting these very strange and scary messages from this person. We don’t know what he/she wants but it’s driving us crazy. It won’t leave us alone and it won’t stop til “it destroyed us all”. It started accepting this fake person on Facebook and it’s turned into something real messy. Now my friend’s being cloned and nothing’s what it seems it is. This is just like the type of stuff that happens in movies.

I honestly don’t understand why anyone in their right mind would so such a gruesome thing. The messages… they are nasty and it’s something no one should ever experience. The insults and everything they don’t bother me. I actually find it quite funny how this person is being so immature but to think someone probably from my school hates my group of friends so much it shocks me. It kinda makes that person seem inhuman.

But if this doesn’t stop we’re gonna have to tell the teachers at school. We all have an idea of who this person is but we obviously don’t want to accuse the wrong person. So these next few days we’re gonna be testing the possible suspects and see how they respond to our pricks and questions.

And to that person I swear if he/she just had the courage to stand up for their actions we would forgive her. I’m pretty sure it’s a girl (All my possible suspects are girls)… We’ve all made mistakes and well that’s part of life but wouldn’t it feel better getting that weight off your shoulders? I wish I could tell that person it’s never too late to change whatever happened and that it’s alright. Just fess up and everything will be back to normal. Everyone no matter how evil a person is still has some innocent in them. So never be too quick to judge a person.

Right now mixed emotions.. Feeling mad. angry but also pity. It’s weird the feelings I’m feeling.


“I forgive a lot, but I never forget what’s said and done”


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