Understanding other people’s points of view is the first step to peace.

Seems like everywhere I go people are fighting. People say things to hurt others or people just don’t try to understand someone else. Well all these things make people feel frustrated. So what can we do to avoid this situations and feelings?

Step 1:

1) Take a deep breathe

2) Repeat step 1

3) Think before you talk. Don’t say something stupid you’re gonna regret.

4) Take a few seconds and get into the other’s person’s shoes. Think about how they feel and what makes them think what they are thinking.

5) Try to understand the other person first. Instead of disagreeing with their point from the start say things like “Yes, I understand but how would you feel……”.

6) Live a happy life ❤ which you’ll get into less disagreements because you are gonna start thinking about other’s people’s points of views. yay!!




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