“The world today doesn’t make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?”

I have had this huge blank canvas just sitting in my room for a long time so today I decided it’s finally time I start painting something. I had this image in my mind of what I wanted to do but now that I have started it it’s not exactly what I wanted. At least I’m painting on this small canvas and not the big one yet. I did a colorful kinda blurry background. And on top I wanted to put phrases, quotes and words I like. Hmm I wonder how much longer until the bottom layer dries I’m anxious to start the next part.



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    granbee said,

    Like the color choices: warming and cooling both, topped by our SO human effort to reduce life to “black and white”, don’t you think? I really think you are on the right track. I paint also, and I tend to start WAY to big, also!! Going back to a smaller canvas-or just a piece of cardboard!!–seems to have been a good choice for you here. And you MUST paint in oils (like me) if you have to wait for the bottom layer to “dry”. Don’t we have to do this in life if we put parts of ourselves of greater worth and longevity into a project, a day, another person? You GO, girl! And welcome to my blog; I look forward to many valuable pointers from you in the next months, okay?

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