English assignment on 9/11

When I hear the word fun I tend to think about my friends and activities I enjoy doing. This might sound weird cause any kid would hate having homework but I’m actually looking forward to my English assignment that’s due Thursday. The homework is to write a poem on a war or terrorist attack. I really want to write about 9/11 because it impacted the United States of America in so many reasons. It’s sad how so many lived where lost and how many true heroes lost their lives too helping. How horrible it must have been to have a family member or friend die that horrendous way. So yeah the peom’s gonna be in the point of view of a little girl, who looses her mom. Her mom’s gonna be a firefighter.

So yeah I’m gonna start writing it tomorrow. Im too tired to think straight right now. And well I’ll post the final version when I get done.


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