I love anything that involves fairy tales, magical themes, and a happy ending :)

Ever since I can remember I have loved anything that has to do with princesses, prince charming, magical things and happy ever afters. Well which little girl doesn’t them? Maybe cause every girl secretly wishes that princess was her. Well I’ve learned in life this things don’t usually happen but from time you will find that little fairy tale in your life in ways you never would have expected them. And if you have expectations set way too high then you need to come back down to Earth cause then you’ll never be happy.

My favorite fairy-tale when I was little was Beauty And The Beast. I absolutely loved Belle and the way she fell in-love with a hideous looking beast. I guess that saying about the only beauty that counts is inner beauty is 100% true. Also that when you start caring about someone even the ugliest person you start seeing them as beautiful. I believe that actually does happen. I’m a little embarrassed to say this but I still adore fairy tales! They have very cute stories and I love the dresses and all the morals. My current favorite fairy-tale would have to be Cinderella. And now I am not too old for fairy tales!! I just love the way she gets ready, sneaks out, and after all the drama she finds her prince charming.

Talking about fairy tales… and since I am a huge Taylor Swift fan have you guys heard the song “Today was a fairytale” ?? Check it out. It talks about a girl who had the perfect date with her boyfriend and she talks about how wonderful it was comparing it to a fairy-tale. It’s a really cute song.


The last image is my absolute favorite one.


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