Bad day :(

Well it was actually a good day just a horrible afternoon. It started when I got picked up by my parents at school. My parents then started talking to my music teacher. This man calls himself a teacher and most classes he doesn’t even give us class. He kisses up to his bosses and doesn’t take his job seriously. I used to like the fact we didn’t do anything in his class but now I’m kinda getting mad he’s depriving us of our education. The one my parents are paying for. I find his little taunts annoying even if he is joking he says things he shouldn’t tell his students. Well yeah and then I got in a bad mood and everything became annoying to me. When we arrive home my dad tells me I can either pick up my dogs poop (so gross) or he’s gonna put my face into it (Joking of course). So I ran into the house and hid in the best hiding place I could find. I hid in this tub on the second floor holding my breathe for nearly 15 minutes. My parent’s weren’t even looking for me. It felt so pathetic. And now I just wanna make cupcakes, watch a sad movie and do nothing.




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