Thursday and Friday are gonna be two very hectic days in the life of Nikki! Tomorrow being Thursday I have a music test and a spanish tests! I knew the songs  I had to know but playing them over five minutes ago I realized I have completely forgotten them! There’s no way I’m gonna remember or play them correctly for tomorrow. And the worst part is if I can’t then it’s gonna be very embarrassing anyways my music teacher isn’t one of does teachers that gives you an easy 20/20. Actually my teacher has never given me more than a 16/20 which I think is really unfair because I’ve worked my butt off. Then the next day I have a math test, and as I’ve said before math and I have a complicated relationship.

On the bright side tomorrow is non-uniform day at my school. I don’t know what I’m gonna wear. I’d like to be planning my outfit but instead I’m stressing out on everything I have for tomorrow and writing on this blog. I’ll probably wear jeans even though I felt like wearing shorts as it’s hot here.

I like does pictures and the quotes haha.


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