Dad, mom stop we’re in public! :$

Had a lazy day today as we don’t have the hard classes on Thursday (yay moment). During last period I discovered my parents wanted to talk to my English teacher. I was kinda shocked cause I couldn’t figure out why they’d like to talk to my teacher. English is one of my best subjects in school. Turns out they just wanted to  get to know my teacher and that (ffffeww). But I had to wait thirty minutes after school ended with my parents for my teacher to come. Does thirty minutes were quite stressing. My dad wanted to talk to every teacher he saw and go into every room that was open. And my mom, I had lost her at school way before that.And then when my teacher had finally arrived I took the chance to quickly walk away to avoid any awkward conversations. I went to the school kiosk, and waited….and waited…..and WAITED! They spent a whole our chatting away while I was there sitting at one of the tables like an idiot. When I had finally had enough of my boredom I got up and left luckily I found a few people to talk to and keep me entertained. And now I’m here thinking how I’m gonna manage my time cause I have so much homework for tomorrow plus a math test.

So good luck to me!! haha

Bye! ❤


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