My top 10 favorite singers/bands :)

1)Taylor Swift: I love her songs and the words to each of her songs. She has an incredible voice and the lyrics are beautiful. This is what makes her my favorite singer ❤ My two favorite songs that she sings would have to be Enchanted and The Story OF Us.

2) The Pretty Reckless: I recently discovered this band and I just can’t get enough of their music. The lead singer is Taylor Momsen you guys probably know her for playing Little Jenny on Gossip Girl or being the little girl in the Grinch. I love most of the songs especially “Heart” and “Blender”.

3) Avril Lavigne: From being that punk that wouldn’t care about anything to the more mature version of her she can definitely sing and kind of song. I absolutely adore the song “Remember When” it’s a very cool song with a sad tone to it but still it’s great.

4) Leona Lewis: Gorgeous voice! I like how she sings with a passion and emotion. My favorite songs that she sings are “Happy” and “Bleeding Love”. If you haven’t heard them you should check them out.

5 Jessie J: Another great singer that I love! I like her style and how she’s unique. And like the songs “Who’s laughing now”. I think many people can relate to that song and it has a great message. “Do it like a dude” is a song I find really fun and funky.

6) Lady Gaga: The mother monster is a great role model, her message about being yourself and not changing has really caught up and helped many. Her songs are have deep messages and her voice is awesome! Unlike many artists that all have the same rhythm she makes each of her songs very different so they won’t get boring which I find really cool.

7) Bruno Mars: This young man is very talented. He has a rich and unique tone of voice that millions of people just love. I love the songs “Grenade” and “Marry you”.

8) James Blunt: I like his voice maybe it’s because of the fact  he has a British accent 😉 Well I found out about him after having my cousin play his songs a bazillion times and I automatically found out I liked his songs and voice. He talks a lot about what he has seen as he use to be an officer and about love. From him I think my favorite would be “No Bravery” in my opinion it’s just breathtaking.

9) Rascal Flatts: I really like her voice, his songs, the meaning to his songs, just everything!  “What hurts the most” would have to be my favorite song of his.

10) Ben Folds: I’ve heard several of his songs and there’s only one of his songs that I like. That song being “Still Fighting it”. It was written for his son but I have to admit that song is just very very good. I heard it an a video and as soon as I heard the song I just couldn’t wait to find out who sang it and what it was called. Luckily after an immense search for the song I found it.

Well these are just my personal favorite’s and opinions. And I’d love to know who your favorite artists are 🙂 Check the songs in the links I’ve put. Thanks for reading!!


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