“True friendship comes when the silence between two people in comfortable”

Apart from the biology test I had today which I’m sure I’m gonna fail my day went pretty well. We didn’t really work in school as we only have a few more weeks left til school ends. Then after school I went to V’s house with my other friend, A (not using their real names). We watched a couple episodes of 90210 because V is completely obsessed with the series and now I’m the 90210 freak. We later got dressed up and ready and went to this park to take pictures. It was quite fun posing and acting goofy in front of the lens. And we put them on Facebook. I made a huge mistake while I was there…. I left my Facebook open!! Do you guys even know what my friends are capable of doing?! Well they have an evil side which is capable of doing some naughty stuff. Hahaha but I love them. And I’m about to watch this movie called “Paranoid Park” online. It looks interesting, I guess I’ll find out if it was worth watching :P.



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