Falling awkwardly…

When you’re a clumsy person like me falling and doing stupid stuff is a normal part of life. Usually I just laugh it off but this time I was truly embarrassed. I was walking with a couple of friends and the Chinese girl pushed me into the area where there were suppose to be bushes.. Funny part was THERE WERE NO BUSHES unless you consider invisible bushes-bushes, which I don’t!! I fell right in the area where a lot of kids from school eat lunch. As I was falling I felt like I was flying, it was actually quite cool and it also felt like time had stopped. But then BOOM! My little fantasy had stopped and I found myself down on the grass in the awkwardest position. Everyone who had been eating stared at me for like a 30 seconds but it felt like an eternity. I even heard some laughs hmm I should have seen who was laughing and made sure to beat them up later. But my mom has told me violence is never the answer lol (I don’t agree with that 100%). Well okay now thinking everything over I realized it did hurt and that after getting up I realized I had a sore butt. Then in my next class I realized my knee had been bleeding. But I’m alive!! And this is one of does things that you won’t ever forget no matter how much you want to.

Oh and you know the Chinese girl that pushed me? *Evil stare*. I kinda brought her down with me. So now you people know to never mess with a girl named Nikki. Okidokee??




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