In the Christmas Spirit!!

I know it’s not even close to Christmas yet but I just can’t wait. Christmas for me is all about the family, friends, presents and of course the fireworks (my family’s tradition).

I’ve been listening to a lot of Christmas songs. Not the usual, Jingle bells or Rudolph red noose reindeer though. I really like the songs last Christmas (Taylor Swift) and Mistletoe (Justin Bieber). It might be due to the fact that the girl that sits next to me in class has been singing does two songs all day and she finally got the tunes stuck in my head.

Check it out and get into the Christmas spirit!!

Christmas also means… NO SCHOOL!! My school year ends in December not like most schools in the US that end in July. This means I have my long vacation is in December instead of July and I start again in March (not a yay moment). I really can’t wait! I want to see my grandparents and my cousins. The thing I’m  not looking forward to is not seeing my one-eyed furry friend. My grandma gave her away 😦 . That was the dog I would go to when something bothered me and start telling it everything that bothered me as if it would actually understand a word I was saying. That was one special dog it’s a shame they gave her away. Plus it’s one eye was awesome, it was HUGE, and it kinda popped out.

HO HO HO have a happy early Christmas ya’ll!


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