Busy weekend!

After having a week filled with exams which meant staying up to study all night and waking up really early my friends and I decided we needed some time to relax. So on Friday my friend, (I’m gonna call her Plop) plop had a a pool party. I didn’t go in the water cause it was freezing but after everyone got out we watched paranormal activity 2.The movie started off normal, not really scary but really intense. And about half way through the movie it started getting creepy. This girl who was on the sofa all alone got so freaked out we had to make room for her on the other couch where we were all squished together,I feel bad for the girl sitting next to me because when I got scared I would squeeze her hand really tight. Actually now thinking about it, it was quite fair because when she would scream, she would do it in my ear!! She almost broke my ear drums!! Well after that we wanted to scare the Plop (the girl who had invited us) but our mission failed as we were all ready to scare her but she came up the other way and had seen us. She probably thought we had gone mad. After having an epic fail we watched NEVER SAY NEVER!! Before I hated Justin Bieber like when the song “Baby” came out. Abut then I heard a few more songs and started liking him. They all started screaming and dancing while in my mind I was thinking “omg why do I love these idiots”. When it ended we went on Facebook and started taking funky pictures with the lol camera. And my friend changed my profile picture without me even realizing!! I had only had one profile picture in two whole years.Well after having a fun day with all of them I had to go to this dinner with my parents. There were no people my age and it was so boring. M,y dad didn’t even want to leave, and I was about to fall asleep. But eventually we did leave and the moment we left was a moment of pure happiness.
The next day I went to the movies with my two crazy friends. We saw this really funny movie which I don’t remember what it’s called, There was this alley that was so lonely and scary and I somehow convinced one of the girls to run up with me and the third girl finally decided to follow us up. I don’t know why I liked something so stupid. Maybe it’s because humans are always attracted to danger as if we’re never gonna die. This was yesterday right after that we had to go to this party. It’s been as a hectic weekend. At least I had a lot of fun. At the party we just talked and had a lot of good laughs. This time there were a lot of people my age. Some from school others not. We’ll that practically what I’ve done so far this weekend. Today I don’t think I’m gonna be doing anything much. My parents are making me go to church, and they say I don’t pay attention just cause I start laughing at the old ladies who sing so loud but yeah I don’t really wanna go there :/
Thanks for reading ,my blog which is more like a diary where I write about what has happened in my life and how i’m feeling about things.


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