Remember how it use to be?

Do you remember how it used to be?

It was another sizzling summer day,

we laughed so hard,

I didn’t realize that day your name would be a name I would never forget.

Remember how it used to be?

Does days where we would tell each other everything,


And yes, we still talk but I wish you could just tell me what I want to hear.

It’s quite simple what I want you to tell me.

Cause you know I’ll be here waiting.

Im praying you just need more time and that’s why you haven’t said anything.

You’ll see me smile, because I won’t say what I really mean.

I’m afraid if I say what I mean I might regret it and would have hoped I had said never mind.

and all the awkward stares we would get.

So take my hand, the world can be ours.

Can you see everything we could be?

We’d be the rainbow after a hurricane.

So beautiful ❤


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