What’s your awkwardest moment been?

Ok we’re all humans and in some part or another in life have done something completely embarrassing where all we want to do is hide are face in a brown bag.

For me I could say it is starts everyday when my parents drop me off at school. And they start with their “I love you, no I love you more’s ” and I’m trying to walk as quickly as possible from them cause they just don’t realize they’re in public or most importantly.. MY SCHOOL!! But sadly those are some of the most humiliating moments of my life.

Oh I have a lot but I’ll say a few I’m not too ashamed to say…

I remember I was in sixth grade and I got my period for the second time ever… The only problem was I never realized I had gotten it so I had kinda of an accident at school. Luckily I went to the nurse and she called my mom.

Then there was the time I was in this store and I turned around to hug my dad. I practically gave him a bear hug when I realized it was another man with the same colored shirt as my dad (and yes I was a stupid 7 year old who could not recognize her own father).

Oh oh oh!! I remember the time I had a coughing attack during an oral. I had been sick all week and had a sore throat and that cold morning I had to do an oral with a couple of friends. I remember going through doing my best so that my voice could be heard when I suddenly start coughing. No not the normal cough, the really loud one where you just cant stop. It was so embarrassing and everyone started laughing. Then when I tried to say the next words my voice had completely left. My friend had to carry on the presentation until my voice came back. So embarrassing and all I could manage to do was laugh it off.

So comment and tell me what your awkwardest moment has been yet? 🙂


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