The awkward moment when you’re taking a test with that person you “un-friended”

As I said in previous blogs I’m in test week. This means that for each test I take I will be in a room with people from all the grades in my school (high school). And unfortunately for me the guy (the really annoying, short one with curly hair… yeah that one) was in the same room with me. It’s kinda awkward when he talks to my friends laughs and totally ignores my presence. Like HELLO CAN YOU SEE ME?!?! I’m right over here, yes the girl that over reacts and screams when you say the word “spider”! You don’t have to act like you can handle your own dignity. Cause I know you can’t. I would also appreciate it if you could come back to earth, because I’m sorry to tell you, the world doesn’t revolve around you.

Now all I have to do is pretend I don’t care, even if it bothers me terribly. I don’t know why Im even letting this bother me. He’s younger than me and not even a friend. Maybe it’s because he judged me and my friends? Who knows all I know is I don’t like the way he makes me feel. 



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