Week filled with tests :(

This week I’m gonna be having two very long tests per day. I’m gonna die!! I just wish it was over!! So today I had the English one and the Biology one. The English one was pretty easy. The only thing is that it was so long I barley had time to  finish this essay I had to write. I was just starting to plan my essay when the teacher said “you have five minute til the exam is over”. I have never written so fast in my whole entire life.   The essay turned out kinda bad If I had more time I could have made it much better. Then in the biology test I almost died on the first page. It was so long, and so many words my mind got dizzy. Then in the middle of the exam the examiner left and as soon as the teacher had left the room two girls from my class where like “Pssttt over here.. whats question number 16” “Psst is number 4 A or B”. It was so funny but I got so nervous the words wouldn’t come out of my mouth. I know I did bad on that test. Now I have to study spanish and biology. You know how much I’ve studied so far?? NOTHING! Yay???


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