we shall work together <3 all united

Can you imagine if we could all get along? If everyone on the Earth only shared love, no hatred? If we weren’t afraid of making mistakes? And we tried to aim for something we never gave up?

Imagine a world where people walked hand by hand. One word, Beautiful. Why can’t we accept other people’s differences? Why do humans have to always judge first?

If people start working together as one the world be a magical place. Life would not be filled with all the complications it’s filled today with. Our neighbors how many of you have actually met them, and not just to ask them for a favor? Have you ever sat down with them and tried to know them?

My new purpose in life is talk to people I don’t know and learn new things about others. I believe if everyone  took the time to talk to a stranger or that person (maybe a neighbor maybe a classmate), we could all learn to be more open minded and who knows maybe you meet a person you never thought would be fascinating. So lets throw away the hate and make life simple. Lets not care what other say about you and make the best of every situation and unleash the sparks in you ❤



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