People change, sometimes for the worst

So this boy that was younger used to always talk to me and you know I would always mess around with me. But everything changed that night I did this prank on him. Since then the sweet boy I used to know turned into a little monster. He hates me hates me. And I can’t tale this anymore even on Facebook he’ll put nasty comments. I don’t let them get to me cause he’s just an idiot but I wish there was a button I could press to eliminate people. And if I could eliminate anyone it would be him.  He’s just so irritating, now that something has happened between us I find everything he does annoying! Doesn’t it ever happen that once you know something someone has done and you can’t ever look at them the same way? Well that’s exactly what happened with him. And you know what he’s mean, short, and has a HUGE head. It like abnormally large with lots of curly brown hair on top of it! Oh and you know why he’s a hypocrite? He tells me to stop talking to him and stop chasing him but you know what? He’s the one always talking to me first and starting everything. On the bright side I met a few interesting people in the past few weeks. They’re all pretty interesting. I’m one of does people that sometimes has to meet new people to not get bored. Lately I’ve also found out who my real friends are. There are people that only need you when they need something but there are others that will always be there for you <3. Kinda like stars you don’t always see them but they are always there.


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