Why where YOU in my dream!?

Ok so I had this weird dream where I was in school. There were many people I knew in it. There was this group of girls that I kinda like and they were hiding cause this woman had damaged their beautiful hair and made it spongy. In the dream they were kinda like the popular girls that get mad over everything. And I was sitting with my group of friends when YOU (I know who this you is but I don’t want to say who it is) came in. This you is the person that left the school last year. Unlike everyone else in my dream that was wearing the school uniform this person was wearing shorts, as beach shirt, and flip flops. In my dream I was trying to hide from this person but he saw me and so I was like walking really fast. Then I past this beauty saloon in the cafeteria (don’t judge this was MY dream) where the group of girls with spongy hair where getting their hair done. And then I woke up. I’m telling you this was really freaky!!


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