Best Halloween ever!! <3

After my group of friends and I went trick or treating we came back to the house. There the party begun! It was the best Halloween ever, we dances like crazy idiots! Then we played Truth or Dare, we spilled some deep secrets. But it was really fun especially the dares. I was afraid of choosing truths so I choose the three times that were my turn dare. Then the group of guys that were bothering us while  we were trick or treating turned out being my friend’s neighbors and all night they would mess around with us. They were so stupid but it was funny watching lie to us. Ohh we also jumped on the most incredible trampoline ever. Well it was until this guy friend (I’ll call him viking) and this other guy (Ill call him Mr. Know it all) broke the trampoline. I don’t know what the heck they did, all I know is that my other girlfriend (hmm..and I shall name her gaga fan forever) was talking to me normally when all of a sudden Mr.know it all is on the floor in fetal position laughing his butt off. Everyone’s face where confused but it was hilarious even though I’m sure it probably did hurt a bit and he was sucking the pain in. After we all danced a bit more and made a human pyramid. I was at the bottom but then I got moved to the second row of people. That is really painful I tell you!!!! And yeah we basically just laughed until another friend’s mom picked us up. When I got home I changed my Facebook password BECAUSE MY FRIENDS HACKED ME!! So yeah I chose one they will never guess mauahahaha. And yeah I started talking to the guy I thought was gay. He’s the only guy that knows all my secrets and feelings. He’s a nice person. Oh and I forgot I had a hilarious conversation with this girl (Hmm another name…NOODLES!). Yeah had a conversation with noodles about these people. We were laughing on about how fat and gross looking they were. Yeah I’mso  tired now but I made a wish at 11:11 ❤ I’ve been wanting to make a wish on that for as long as I can remember but I would always either forget or fall asleep. So I’m going to sleep right now. Hoping I have the awesome-st dream so far 😉


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