You won’t feel a thing <3

“…I’ve been kicked right down.
I’ve been spat in the face.
I’ve been pulled way down to the lowest place.
I’ve been lied to, shamed.
I have been disgraced.
Been excommunicated from every holy place.

I’ve been beat up and robbed.
I’ve been left for dead
For the way I look, for the things I said.
And when trouble seems to have found us.
The world falls down around us.
I promise baby, you won’t ever, you won’t ever feel a thing.

‘Cause I’ll be taking all the chance, eh, for you.
So lay your cuts and bruises over my skin.
I promise you won’t feel a thing, no.
‘Cause everything the world could throw,
I’ll stand in front, I’ll take the blow,
For you..



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