Movie, Starbucks, plus Halloween spirit = <3

My friend and I went to watch the movie “What’s your number?” it was a really funny movie!! I would recommend all of you guys to go see it, it’s worth it!! Then we bought frapuccinos which probably wasn’t the best choice to drink as it was really cold outside. And to make matters worst I was wearing shorts! We then just walked around, my friend was getting nose bleeds and had an injured foot. So I had to help the limping girl walk haha. We took so many crazy pictures at starbucks.When her father picked us up we stayed in the car as he bought something and we saw this little boy get locked in a bank and the father couldn’t get in. I felt like punching the dad in the face, he thought talking in the phone was more important than helping his son who’s tears were rolling down he’s checks get out. Even after he managed to get a special card to open the door he wouldn’t leave the phone.

Well anyways, when we got to her house we carved a pumpkin. It was cool and the inside of the pumpkin felt so cool (it was all squishy and cool) even though it smelt horrible.



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