OMG track meet tomorrow!!!

Had a very long day at school. I had way too much homework yesterday and I forgot to do my chemistry homework so I completed it in class. Luckily, I finished it and I’m telling you it was H-U-G-E!! Then I had my Spanish test which I got a 19/20 on (YAY!!) and my chemistry test, which I have not received yet. I just noticed something, I thought I would never say.. but this test was actually kinda fun! Not the studying part but the actual taking of the test. Like you know there’s always does students that get caught by the teacher and making the lamest excuses when caught?  Then the people that ask the stupidest questions. Okay well there is no stupid question, just stupid people (that ask the questions). I also like that moment before the test where you and your friend give each other”the look” and tell each other whether the test looks hard or not.

After school ended I went to track practice with my friends. We didn’t practice too hard to not risk getting injured or too tired for the track meet tomorrow and on Friday. I like the part that we miss school to go running but going to the stadium is a place that makes my heart race.Everyone there is so serious, and the judges make you feel so tense. I hate the feeling you get there. Also the loud BOOOM of the gun being pulled makes me get jumpy.

I’ll be running the 80m, long jump and a relay. Out of the three, running the 80 meters frightens me the most because it’s all up to you, JUST you, any a stupid mistake such as starting too slow or getting a false start could cause you to lose. While I’m waiting for the judge to pull the trigger im worrying about..

1) My heart’s pounding so loud it’s gonna come out of my chest.

2) Im gonna false start.

3) Im gonna loose.

Hopefully tomorrow none of does three things will happen. OMG I got butterflies in my stomach now… Butterflies?? No more like a herd of elephants running through my stomach!!

Oh and I have to say one more thing. I bring my lucky bracelets to every track meet. One of them is a rubber band which I’ll play around with around my hand before the race as it relaxes me. I will not ever race without my bracelet.


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