Little people vs medium people :o

So at the lunch I pretty much just talked with this boy that is moving to Chile and my mom’s friend’s daughter. The boy is in 10th grade and the girl in 9th grade. The girl I’ve known for sometime and I honestly didn’t really like her that much. How can I describe her.. well she was that girl chasing the boys and into more mature stuff. That’s why we didn’t talk so much before but today all my opinions on her have changed. And I now think she’s a sweet funny girl. Then we played a game of soccer with all the other kids.It was the 3 teenagers against all the little kids(there were like 10 of them). Then there was this little chubby kid that was just so funny. Everything about him made me laugh, the way he walked with so much pride the way he would snort when he laughed, it was just hilarious. Well in the middle of the game I threw the ball too far up and it landed in the neighbors backyard. So we sneaked out really fast and we got so creeped out cause the guy that opened the door at the house next door was creepy looking (just like the typical scary movie) and before he actually opened the door he looked through this tiny window (again it was scary looking!!!). Well the guy was actually nice and already had the ball when we got there (OMG actually thinking abut it maybe he knew the ball was gonna fall over and it was all part of his plan…wow freaky).

I got bored after playing soccer again so I sat down with my parents. I was stressing out because I hadn’t finished my french homework and they were still chatting away while I should have been done with it. Actually WTF am I doing writing on my blog when I should be finishing my work. See this is some serious procrastination :o. I LOVE and HATE the person the invented computers. They can be so useful and a good way to spend your time when you are bored but such a distraction when you’re on a tight schedule.



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