Enjoying life to the MAX!!!

Math class was weird today. Don’t know why. It just felt weird.

Then I had the sciences (biology, physics and chemistry) Each class right after the other. It was really cool I love it when our teacher lets us do experiments. Of course a few of the people in the class always do  jokes to try and be funny which always ends up in the teacher getting grumpy.  In chemistry class our experiment consisted in mixing different acids and stuff to see if there would be a reaction and figure out wetter they were acids, bases, or alkali. Wow *nerd moment* :O And then they would turn pretty colors!! YAY!!!

And in biology we did another experiment but with a plants so it wasn’t really what I would call “fun”.

After that we had lunch. After eating I spent my time studying for my spanish vocabulary test which turned out to be easy.

Oh and how can I forget about Spanish class. It was hilarious!! It started with this guy in my class that read my notebook. It had some embarrassing stuff. I even had a pie chart of what I do in class (50% daydream, 20% play with stuff, 10% wonder how much time is left for the class to end,  10%notice my teachers defects,  and 10% play with stuff). Liek a few minutes after him bothering me :$ he got my agenda which had a calendar which my friend marked with the days I was on my period as a joke. OMG he wouldn’t stop laughing!! The worst part it wasn’t even true. Then we had to do this worksheet and I said “Come on let’s do it”. And he thought I meant to do it do it and it was just too funny. It would have funnier if you were actually there.

After school ended I went to track practice. There’s three coaches. One of them gets angry really easily, the second one is normal but strict and the third one is very nice. I practiced sprints, the relay race with my team and long jump. This time I was finally able to do long jump. I remember last practice I just couldn’t get it right.

And yeah what am I doing now? I’m listening to the song “Black Keys” by the Jonas Brothers. I have to admit I’m not a Jonas Brother’s fan. But I think the song is nice and my interpretation is that the author is noticing both sides of a person (the black keys and the white keys). At first he could only see the good side but now he is finally seeing their flaws. I  really like the metaphor that they use “The black keys”.. Maybe cause I play the piano haha.. But still I really like this song so I bet I’ll be listening to it all weekend.



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