Ok first thing I wanted to say is that my class got locked in history class because the door wouldn’t open :O. It was kinda creepy thinking that we were gonna be in there for I don’t know how long with our weird teacher. He’s like 80 years old and has the funniest laugh I have ever heard. Plus he is bald and has no wrinkles!! And again he is really really old!

The second thing I would like to say is that… I almost killed the guy that’s locker is under mine. This is what happens when a careless girl is in a rush. It started with my last class letting us out after the bell had rung and I had track practice right after. So I was trying to hurry up and get all my books for homework and I guess when I pulled one of my books out my clarinet went flying out.. And it just happened to have landed on this guy that was under me. I felt horrible I thought I had killed him cause the clarinet case is kinda heavy. But don’t worry people, Nikki hasn’t killed anyone…yet!!  

Then later today at track practice I realized it’s true. I guess guys also go through the boy version of menopause. My coach is definitely going through it. He was grumpy all day he just has this way of stressing me out! He gets to me with all his yelling and saying “Do’t you listen to me.. That’s not how I said it has to be done blah blah blah” :/ arrghhh!!!!

 It’s true I do tend to have dialogues with myself when I’m bored or no ones looking.

And last thing I wanna mention… (look down) 😛



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