I’ve gotta stop reading my horoscope

Well I’m Sagittarius which according to my zodiac sign means i’m friendly, outspoken and honest. I say things how they are which can sometimes seem cold and can be a positive characteristic or a negative one. Im very enthusiastic about life and I usually trust easily which again can be a negative characteristic.  The Sagittarius  woman is very independent and loves to feel free. She’s not realistic and is constantly searching ways to fulfill her dreams and reach her goals. She may sometimes be thought of as naive. They hate feeling stuck in one place which is the reason they love to travel (very true). Also they are very visionary but have a lack of patience (again, very true). They are also known to be athletic and clumsy. Wow it’s surprising how accurate some of the things I’ve mentioned are. Unfortunately the clumsy part is very true. I’m always tripping over my own feet. That’s how I’ve got all these scars all over my body lol.

I need to stop reading my horoscope cause then I start planning my day according to it so that it will go like what I’ve read which isn’t how I want to live my life. Today my horoscope said this:

“Quick — look down at your feet. Are you wearing two different socks? Don’t be surprised if you are, because there is a misalignment in the energies around you today. Expect a lot of missed connections, misunderstandings and mismatched pairs in your life right now. Fortunately, these muddles should provide much more entertainment and enlightenment than frustration. As long as you’re flexible and positive, you can sort things out and enjoy some smooth sailing.”- Yahoo astrology






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