Locker troubles… D:

Today my combination lock was a pain in the tushie. After lunch I had to open it to get my P.E. bag. That task that would normally take a few seconds lasted for 20 minutes!! I tried and tried but it just wouldn’t open so I asked my friends who do know my combination numbers but they too had no luck. I was just about to get my lock cut open by one of the maintenance guys, but as I was walking to the hard headed lock(yes a lock can be hard headed)  my friend had just opened it.  You don’t know how happy that got me. I was able to get my physical education bag and I had everything and again I closed the lock. I don’t know how I could have been so stupid, I wasn’t even thinking. I was gonna have to open it once again but after school ended to get my books. Luckily that same friend was able to open it!! 😀

So what I have to remember right now?.. Maybe that I should never leave a lock that is half broken on or I will face the consequences. I also learned that there are locks that open much easier. I’m taking another lock tomorrow and we’ll see how it goes. I hope this never happens to me again.


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