My Chinese box :)

My dad took me to these antique stores. There were many interesting pieces and it was kidna fun getting to know the history of everything in each store. My dad bought several pieces of furniture. I none of the stores there was this small box made out of wood, leather and metal with Chinese writing that caught my eye. After negotiating the price I bought it. We later went to a pet shop. I was really close to convincing my dad into buying a hamster but he said “later”. 😦

When we arrived home I cleaned my box with alcohol. I thought it was kinda cute and I dont know what I’m gonna use it for. I wanna put money that I’m gonna save for a trip when I turn 16. I really want to go to South Africa or Italy (the place my grandparents are from). My parents has this box. We call it “the memory box”. Over the years my parents have been collecting items to put in the box. Such as the first shell I’ve picked to my first Easter egg. Well I wanted to do something kinda similar where I’d put items, pictures, saved money and things for the future.



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    Sofia said,

    Your first Easter Egg? lol is it rotting?

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