Why do we care so much what others think?

Well this can be a positive and a negative thing. Postivive because if sort of protects us from doing embarressing and horrible things. Such as going to school in your underwear. But this can also be a bad thing that makes us self-conscious.

Its true, us humans base our identities based on what other people say and judge us.

But we shouldn’t let that completley control us.

“Dont think too much. You’ll create a problem that wasn’t there in the first place”. Its true sometimes we should just go with the flow and see where it takes us. The more we think the more we rethink if what we’re doing is good enough and start doubting ourselves.

“You only get ONE chance at life in the physical world and YOU ARE going to allow othe people’s thoughts make it less enjoyable”. Don’t let what others think make your journey through life less fun. Be confident in your actions and you will soon shine.

“Think before you act”. Sometimes you have to just observe before doing something completley stupid or maybe even bringing someone else down without realizing.

And finally just accept yourself how you are. You are perfect. Well everyone’s perfectly imperfect.

Everyone has there ups and downs. We just have to keep on climbing the mountain to get were we want to go in life. Yeah it’s not as easy as it sounds haha but that’s life. There is only one person responsible for  you reaching your goals and that person is YOU!!



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